Gade Diouf

Born july 1966 in Dakar, Senegal


Live and work in Montreux and New York City



Originally from SENEGAL, West AFRICA, I was educated to communicate with elements of nature to  reach the initial ability to direct and to let flow your inspiration, intuition and imagination through creation. 


After many years of researches and explorations to different periods of arts and artists evolution  in a chronological manner, I found my way in colanut  and  cotton. Which emphasizes a fundamental organic process of art making to revitalize the essences of our well-being.


COLA SACRED ARTS come direct from the spirit POSITIVENESS and go through the soul of joy, happiness and bring about forgiveness in the  name of LOVE.  

I am lovely experiencing and performing a deep transition of the use of COLANUTS and COTTON from their RITUAL aspects and DIVINE ways and functions after 22 years. 


I put these mediums in a global contest to express in a contemporary level, the presence and values of the role these fruits play in our everyday life.





FAT ROOG * Grand Rue 90 * 1820 MONTREUX  |  gade@fat-roog.com